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"I was here last night, first time as it was my bosses bday. We only went for drinks but I have to tell you, I will be back again!
We had a great time! The bartender knew how to mix attentiveness with I'm gonna leave you the heck alone so you can all talk! Plus, beaded bartender... You're hot! The own was pointed out to me too...omg! Totally hot! Also very personable, which adds to his hot factor! Oh yea the drinks were good too!
We didn't have anything to eat but I intend to go back as I saw some plates flying past us and they looked incredible!
Hot men great drinks good looking and smelling food...can't think of why I wouldn't go back!"

Jim C. - 11/21/2015 - Source: Yelp! 
“Came here for Restaurant Week with some lifelong lady friends, mom, & sister. Made a reservation hours before for 5:30pm and got right in. YAY! At 5:30, there were only a few other tables occupied. Perfect time to go, in my opinion. I'm the early bird special type. Can't eat dinner at 8pm because I go to bed early! By the time we were leaving, the place was packed!

The atmosphere is nice and chic inside. Our round table was roomy but not so huge that the 5 of us couldn't chat. Big plus! 

I ordered the strip loin $20.12 meal. Came with a garden salad to start (with REALLY good ranch dressing!), green beans and roasted potatoes on the side. The steak was honestly some of the best I've ever had out. It was prepared PERFECTLY and tasted fresh, not like old, tough cow! BIG plus! Of course, I wouldn't expect less from the grandson of Russell Salvatore (owns YOLO)- that guy has the hook up on beef (or so I hear from Russell's patrons). The dinner was finished with a DELICIOUS little scoop of pumpkin gelato. Tasted like pumpkin pie filling! YUM YUM YUM. 

I honestly have no complaints about YOLO. I really liked it, the service was good, food was great, we all left fat & happy! Give this place a shot, you won't regret it!” 

Lindsay - 10/18/12 - Source: Yelp! 
“Yolo is an excellent upscale restaurant with excellent food and an imaginative menu! Although the regular menu has very nice offerings, we almost always order something off the 'specials' sheet. A good range of specialty drinks. The manager is always around making friendly visits to tables, and the servers are competent and personable. Nice outdoor patio. A relatively new restaurant, Yolo has become one of our Erie County favorites. Highly recommended!”

David - 9/1/12 - Source: Trip Advisor
“Dined at Yolo last night and had a great experience. We started with an order of artichoke dip which was delicious, we loved that the pita served along with it was soft and warm, not hard and toasted. We actually had way to much dip for the amount of pita we received and our waitress quickly brought out an extra serving so we could finish our dip. We then tried the caprese stack and wedge salad and both were very fresh and good. For our entrees we chose the Maple Pecan Chicken and the Monte cristo sandwich. The chicken dish was delectable, the meat was very moist and tender and the slight sweetness from the maple in the sauce really made it. The sandwich was also very good and served with hot and fresh fries. We had a great dining experience at Yolo and can't wait to head back and try some of their other dishes. Yolo is a great addition to the East Amherst area!”

nicoscotch - 8/21/12 - Source: Trip Advisor
“We have visited Yolo a number of times, a few times by ourselves, and other times with friends. Each time, we have all come away very impressed with the quality, preparation, and presentation of the food as well as with the excellent service. The servers are friendly and attentive. Yolo offers patio dining on the side of the building, which we have found to be very relaxing. Some of our favorite dishes are the steak salad, both salmon offerings, ahi tuna, and an appetizer sampler which includes stuffed mushrooms, a stuffed pepper, and a crab cake. All portions are generous and delicious. The prices are reasonable, given the quality of the food. The restaurant has a dark contemporary interior which may appeal to some, but not all. We usually prefer to sit outside if the weather permits.”

Amhers - 8/6/12 - Source: Trip Advisor
“Great service and food. We had the burger with the egg and you'll salad. Both were excellent! We will be back. Great bartenders.”

Foodie223 - 8/3/12 - Source: Trip Advisor
“Food and drinks are always delicious and refreshing. I had a burger tonight, which was cooked perfectly with great bleu cheese a top. The Basil Patron cocktail is my number 1 choice! Basil Patron, Basil Patron, Basil Patron!”

Phil - 7/30/12 - Source: Yelp!
“We dined here on a Wed. night. Had 2 wonderful drinks and a delicious meal with our friends. Service was excellent - would go back!”

redjug - 6/29/12 - Source: Trip Advisor
“I went here for dinner during Restaurant Week. I got the strawberry pecan salad and fish tacos. The salad was very good. Beautiful strawberries with pecans, chunks of bleu cheese, and onions in a poppyseed dressing. I think next time I go I will ask that the onions be taken off. The entree came with 3 different fish tacos that I thought were very inconsistent. One was more blackened than the others, and had more spices. I wouldn't get them again. I thought the atmosphere here was great and so was the wait staff. Our waitress was very nice and helpful when we were asking about the menu.”

Kaylynn - 6/6/12 - Source: Yelp!
“We went to this new restaurant with a large group for a birthday celebration. It was fabulous. The staff was so attentive. The food was amazing. The presentation was like a work of art. Prices are very reasonable.”

bkbkm - 3/9/12 - Source: Trip Advisor 
“I have been to Yolo twice this month and have enjoyed it both times. The Strawberry and Pecan salad was fresh and delicious. I have never been a fan of balsamic vinegrette, but it was also great. I get it on the side because I am not a big fan of a lot of salad dressing. If you get the chicken on the salad it is a great meal. The hot pepper appetizer was very good. A Ruben was also ordered at our table and a Spinach Mushroom burger. Both were great, the Rueben could have a little more corned beef but that is a personal preference.

I travel and dine out often and I think Yolo is off to a great start! Keep consistent and fresh ingredients and you can't lose. Maybe offer a couple of specials each night. The bar is huge and always packed. They have big screen TV's so if there is a sporting event you can even see it from your table. A cosmopolitan type atmosphere which is refreshing.

The manager visited our table, as well as the owner to see how our dining experience was. That is very refreshing!”

Andrea - 1/27/12 - Source: Urban Spoon
“As a new restaurant, I expected there to be a few growing pains when I went to YOLO for the first time. Everything actually went pretty well. Good beer selection, fair priced pretty extensive menu, great service. I will definitely be back again!”

Jonathan - 1/24/12 - Source: Urban Spoon
“I like Yolo, it is different from the typical East Amherst / Williamsville restaurants and has a new vibe about it. Service was great for being a new restaurant and we liked the food, had a cool twist. I give YOLO 2 thumbs up and hope they are around for a long long time! This area needs something different, young and fun and is not located downtown!”

Lisa - 1/24/12 - Source: Urban Spoon
“Food is great. Staff is very friendly and bill at the bar is great. Awesome burgers. Get the sunny side up with bacon.”

Rob - 1/20/12 - Source: Yelp!
“We've been twice now, once right after opening and once since. Each time the food was great, the prices are AMAZING - especially considering the freshness and quality of the food, and the service was friendly and knowledgeable. Management came twice to make sure we were enjoying our experience. We tried a few of the specialty drinks and loved them all - especially the cucumber one.

I had a caprese salad, the presentation was adorable and it was seasoned really well. 2 others ordered burgers which were big and juicy, and our 4th ordered the monte cristo and was pleased, saying that "it's not like bennigan's... it's a real one."

The fries? So good! Wings are saucy so keep that in mind if you like them drier. We also split the stuffed mushrooms which were cooked really well and tasted great.

We finished with one order of the crustless cheesecake, I was very impressed - excellent flavor, creamy yet somehow light.

We're looking forward to going back to try dinner sometime soon!”

Bethany - 1/11/12 - Source: Yelp!
"Checked out this newly opened restaurant while back in my husband's hometown for Christmas. YOLO stands for You Only Live Once, and doubles as a lounge after the kitchen closes, so I was a bit dubious as to how well it would go over with our dining companions, my mother-in-law and her friend, fearing it might be too youthful or trendy for them. I was mistaken-- both the dining and bar areas boast simple yet modern decor, making it classy yet still comfortable & inviting for all age ranges. The same goes for the food-- a wide range of choices (some with more of a twist than others), sittin' pretty on clean white dinnerware.

Onto the food! My raspberry mojito was yumness-- it was freshly muddled and not made from a mix. The salads are HUGE (easily could be gotten as an entree as 2 of us splitting it had heaping mounds of it) and looked beautiful in the bowls they were brought out in. Stuffed mushroom appetizer was solid. The standout dish was my maple pecan chicken entree-- sooooo good. My husband's sausage ravioli with Alfredo was rich but delish, though he said he would we getting the chicken the next time. (Told you it was good!) I thought prices were incredibly reasonable for what we got.

I could easily see how the bar/lounge area could make for a fun evening-- it's quite large. And they do have a more traditional late night/bar food (wings, quesadillas, etc) over there. We were also told that their more fancy schmancy drinks will be $5 on Wednesdays and that they will be doing a Monday through Friday happy hour. My mother-in-law thinks it would be a great place to do happy hour and will definitely be coming back for dinner, as she said it's rare to find a nice restaurant like this outside of downtown.

To sum it up, YOLO offers traditional (delicious!) American food with a touch of class & refinement that appeals to all. Check it out!"

Mira - 1/1/12 - Source: Yelp!

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